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Meet Jason Panek:  Owner and Manager of 1971 Brewing Co. He will solely be responsible for the account payables and receivables and all other finances related to 1971 Brewing Co. He currently is employed by Waste Management--an American waste management, comprehensive waste, and environmental services company-- as the District Operations Manager in Batavia, Illinois. Jason has worked in the industry for over 25 years. His knowledge and expertise have allowed him to successfully manage the operations of the site, as well as establish and maintain performance and productivity metrics and cost management processes. In addition, Jason is actively involved in the company’s budget conferences to ensure that budgets are met; develop, implement programs for optimal equipment utilization, equipment maintenance, labor, and material costs.

More facts about Jason: Outside the waste management industry, Jason attended culinary school at the Traverse Bay Area Culinary Arts back in Traverse City, MI where he was born and raised. Jason has worked as a chef for several restaurants in Michigan and still has a huge passion and creative flare for cooking and baking to this day! He earned multiple First Place awards at the National Cherry Pie Bake Offs in Traverse City’s Annual Cherry Festivals—and not to mention more recent awards at his local church baking competitions. Jason moved in 2007 to make Batavia his home and his unique talents in culinary arts easily translated into another form of art. Jason owned his business called One of a Kind Art and Lamps, in which he has the profound ability to transform any obscure object into one of a kind pieces of art, sculpture, Bluetooth speaker, and functional light fixture. Jason’s artistry has given him fame as “The Lamp Guy” in Batavia and neighboring towns and many of Jason’s work can still be found and are on display in well-renowned restaurants and vintage shops in and around Batavia and as far as Naperville, IL.

Jason is a product of the 70s—born in 1971 to be exact! Two years ago, he met his match and came to realize not only was she born in 1971, but also a lover of fine arts, cuisine, and more importantly good beer aka a “beer snob”. After several months of courtship Jason married this lady and enthusiastically set out their goals to open a brewery, hence called 1971 Brewing Co. The two beer aficionados devoted the next several months surveying local and neighboring state breweries for their “market research”. 


More of Who We Are


Meet Grace Serrano-Panek:   Co-Owner of 1971 Brewing Co. Her role will be overseeing the marketing aspects for 1971 Brewing Co. By trade, Grace is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and has worked in this field for over 20 years. She earned an Associates in Applied Science degree at Wilbur Wright Jr College, followed by a Bachelor’s in Health Science, then a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at Chicago State University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, respectively.

More about Grace: Grace is proud to declare that she was born in 1971 and raised in Chicago. She comes from a family of five older brothers and hard-working parents who immigrated from the Philippines in the mid-60s. Grace can attest that her fondness and non-traditional taste for beer, and other spirits for that matter, began at a very early age. (It’s too late to be calling DCFS now!) Her mother worked double shifts throughout her childhood and adolescence, which left her father and her older brothers to raise her. After a long day of work, her dad’s daily routine was to ask his daughter to fetch him a beer from the fridge and crack one open for him or prepare a fifth of Chivas or Johnny Walker on the rocks. Grace’s curiosity got the best of her because she would always sneak a taste, or gulp before handing it over to her dad, in which his response was always, “this feels a little light”. Grace’s favorite type of beers are IPAs, double IPAs, saisons, and the occasional stout depending on the day.

Grace is a charismatic and goal-driven individual who enjoys serving the youth in her community and church. She has volunteered as a youth leader for many years at her church’s bible camps and youth groups and has been a softball coach for consecutive seasons in Batavia’s Girls Fastpitch Softball League. She currently plays is an all-women’s softball league in Elgin, IL, thus showing that Grace is sports-driven and enjoys healthy competition. 


Meet Our Brewer

  Joe started home brewing near the end of 2011 with a Mr. Beer kit. In February 2012 he bought his first official homebrew kit complete with 2 glass carboys, a hydrometer, and a 5-gallon brew kettle. He brewed 5-gallon extract brewing for the next two and a half years, brewing 99 different batches of mostly ale beers, some lagers, ciders, and meads, including about 50 extract recipes of his own. With only brewing on weekends, some quick math will show you that he didn’t take many weekends off from brewing. In 2014, he threw a party showcasing his beers and asking for donations to pursue all-grain brewing. The turnout was spectacular, and his beers received critical acclaim and donations poured in. He raised enough money to buy some larger pots, some tuns, a plate chiller, and 8 more carboys. That didn’t keep him satisfied for long! 4 months and 20 batches later, looking for better efficiencies, he purchased some more equipment to pursue 10-gallon all-grain brewing. Then he found the love of his life and was married. As you can imagine he didn’t have as much time as he would have liked for brewing. He knew that he needed to brew more beer in less time and started investigating 15 gallon or half barrel batches. They then got pregnant and he thought, “I definitely wasn’t going to be brewing every weekend anymore”, so he investigated a bigger, easier to use system. After seventeen 10-gallon batches on his manual system over a period of a year and a half, he purchased a 20-gallon semi-automated system in February 2017. He still uses this system to make ½ barrel batches to this day.

Random brew facts about Joe: His favorite beers are reds, stouts, and pumpkin beer. He has made over a dozen different pumpkin beers with several pounds of real pumpkin. The different kinds include pumpkin red ale, pumpkin sweet stout, maple pumpkin ale, and pumpkin butter stout—just to name a few. The last one he made with pumpkin butter using pumpkins he grew in his back yard. He enjoys growing things to use in the beer. Primarily hops, has used homegrown berries, pumpkins, peppers, and apples in the beers, too. He is currently growing 9 different varieties of hops and is looking to add another three this year. He is developing his own sour culture that is living in a jar of beer with oak cubes in his fridge. Some of his favorite beers that he has made are: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout, Raspberry Kriek, 3-year aged Oud Bruin, Horchata Cream Ale, Orange Cream Ale, Insanity Stout, Mole Stout, and Mocha Milk stout. Some of them are straight forward but here is a short description of each for a better idea of how truly delicious they all were.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout: a sweet oatmeal stout brewed with rum raisins and aged on black rum soaked vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks.

Raspberry Kriek and Oud Bruin: these are both sours that he aged as long as possible and turned out spectacularly. Kriek used raspberries he grew in my backyard.

Horchata cream ale and Orange cream ale were both made from his base cream ale recipe. Horchata was aged on vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks and had rice syrup added to the boil. Orange had vanilla beans, Citra hops, and tangerine zest added to secondary fermentation.

Insanity Stout was just his base stout recipe with “Dave’s insanity sauce" in bottling.

Mole Stout is his stout recipe with the Mexican twist of chocolate and serrano peppers from his garden.

Mocha Milk Stout was his sweet stout recipe with Moka coffee from Kazakhstan and cacao from Madagascar.Say something interesting about your business here.


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